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Tendon Salamander Rope 10.2mm


If you’re looking for a canyoning rope you can’t beat the Tendon Salamander 10.2. 

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This rope will float in water, has been designed to shrink as little as possible when wet and is minimally dynamic. Plus due to the rope’s patented SECURE construction it offers zero slippage even when the sheath is heavily damaged.

  • Rope diameter: 10.2mm
  • Weight: 60g/m
  • Sheat Slippage (mm): *yes. Type B except material and falls
  • Elongation (50 – 150 kg): 2.6%
  • Shrinkage: 0%
  • Tenacity: 23kN
  • Min. tenacity with knots: 12kN
  • Material: PA/PPV sheath/core
  • Note** weight 55 Kg, fall factor 1
  • CE 1019
  • EN 1891 *yes – type B except material and falls