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Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw Set 12cm

$60.00 inc GST

Extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set. Steel insert in lower carabiner prevents premature wear.

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This durable sport climbing quickdraw set features a steel insert to the lower carabiner to help prevent premature wear that happens due to rope friction

  • H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight
  • One bullet carabiner and one bulletproof carabiner with keylock closure for optimal handling when clipping and unclipping
  • High-strength 15/22 mm narrow/wide polyamide quickdraw sling
  • Anti-twist fixing to hold lower carabiner in placeWeight: 122g
    Closure: Bent
    Length: 120mm

CE marking: CE 0123
Country of origin: Germany


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