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First Aid Medical Trauma Kit Compact Motorcycle


This compact first aid kit specifically designed with motorcyclists in mind includes the absolute bare minimum your kit should include.

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This medical kit is designed to save lives and is unlike any other kit you’ve seen on the market. In a handy compact first aid kit that will fit in your motorbike’s boot.

Small trauma shears
The medical type of scissor small but good at actually cutting.

Medical gloves x 2 pairs
Wear one for you and one for your patient, always.

Celox haemostatic bandage
Stops bleeding in about 30 seconds and is safe for anyone to use (even if the patient is a haemophiliac or taking cardiac medication or anti-coagulants such as aspirin, Warfarin etc).

Tourniquet C.A.T
Stops uncontrolled bleeding when applied properly. Suitable for a lay person who has had current training.