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Hunting First Aid Medical Trauma Kit


This first aid kit specifically designed for hunting, use it when you need to deal with bullet wounds.

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This first aid trauma kit weighs just 350g, is designed to saves lives and is unlike any other you’ve seen on the market.

Chest seals x 2
Compact and 2 to cover entry and exit wounds.

Tourniquet C.A.T x 2
For stemming blood flow from bullet passage through two limbs. A tourniquet will stop uncontrolled bleeding when applied properly. Suitable for a lay person who has had current training.

Celox haemostatic bandage 1 x 5m roll
Stops bleeding in about 30 seconds and is safe for anyone to use (even if the patient is a haemophiliac or taking cardiac medication or anti-coagulants such as aspirin, Warfarin etc).

Trauma shears – large
The medical type of scissor, small but good at actually cutting.

Compact pressure bandages x 2
Lightweight elastic pressure bandages.

Trauma pad 20cm x 20cm x 2
Standard trauma dressing as used by Grandad’s brother in World War II.

High risk medical gloves x 2 pairs
Wear one for you and one for your patient, always.

Water resistant bag
All of the items come in a handy bag. Dimensions approximately 210mm x 140mm x 150mm. There’s room in the bag to add other items to your kit.