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First Aid Medical Trauma Kit On Rope Industrial


This first aid kit specifically designed for people working at heights. Hang this medical kit off your harness for easy access when you need it most.

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This first aid trauma kit is designed to saves lives and is unlike any other you’ve seen on the market.

Small trauma shears
The medical type of scissor small but good at actually cutting.

High risk medical gloves x 2 pairs
Wear one for you and one for your patient, always.

Tourniquet C.A.T
Stops uncontrolled bleeding when applied properly. Suitable for a lay person who has had current training.

Bandaid strip
You can cut this to size.

Adhesive would dressing x 10

Standard bandage x 2
Standard 7.5cm bandage as used by Grandad in World War I.

Trauma pad x 2
Standard trauma dressing as used by Grandad’s brother in World War II.