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Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Medical Trauma Kit Advanced

$415.00 inc GST

Advanced first aid medical trauma kit specifically designed for saving lives when any type of outdoor pursuit becomes an emergency event.

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An advanced kit for use when in the outdoors whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, climbing or adventuring!

1 x Deuter Zip Pack Lite 3
Small lightweight, packable zipped bag to keep your essentials together in your pack. Featuring a large opening with asymmetric zip and a handy grab handle at the top.

  • Volume: 3L
  • Size: 280mm x 180mm x 60mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight (empty): 35g
  • Material: 70D PA Ripstop
  • Colour: Petrol

1 x Flexible medical roll splint
Handy tool for splinting limbs, wrists, even people named Bob. Not just people named Sam. Think waterproof cardboard. Comfortable splint. Moldable and lightweight. Washable and reusable.

1 x Haemostatic dressing 1.83m Z fold
Stops bleeding in about 30 seconds and is safe for anyone to use (even if the patient is a haemophiliac or taking cardiac medication or anti-coagulants such as aspirin, Warfarin etc). Think jelly crystals for blood. Training is required on how to use this product effectively – how and when.

1 x Chest seal – compact size
Seals open chest injuries.

2 x High risk medical gloves (pair)
Wear one for you and one for your patient, always. Also handy for collecting ‘bits’.

1 x SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet
For stemming blood flow on limbs. A tourniquet will stop uncontrolled bleeding when applied properly. Suitable for a lay person who has had current training. Requires knowledge/training on how to use effectively.

4 x Elastic cohesive bandage 5cm wide x 4.5m
A crepe bandage on steroids that applies more pressure easily. Adheres to itself, no flappy bits and no reason to chase your bandage across the park when you accidentally drop it.

1 x Triangular bandage
Good for bleeding, cleaning, small sails. Wrapping up body bits, stuffing in holes.

1 x Trauma shears – large
The medical type of scissor, good at actually cutting.

1 x Instant cold pack
Good for instant cold. Good for away from rivers. Good for immobile casualties. Not good for cold drinks.

1 x Fabric dressing strip 1m
Cuttable and customisable to scraps. Does many shapes and sizes. Why buy Bandaids?

1 x Liquid bandage spray
Excellent for flexible areas and allows normal coverage of a wound or chaffing, road rash, rapid rash. Also funny to spray on a patient to see them squeal due to it’s cleansing power.

1 x Permanent marker
For writing on your patient. No not smiley faces. Important, patient information.

1 x Mini torch
For when it gets dark on you, and you didn’t bring a headlamp.

2 x Thermal emergency blanket
Not as good as a real one but makes you look like a spaceman.

2 x Combine dressing trauma pad 20cm x 20cm
Standard trauma dressing as used by Grandad’s brother in World War II.

Total weight of kit when full of the items above: 1Kg (approx).
* Item brands may vary slightly due to stock availability.

Please note this product is not endorsed by Deuter.


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