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Grivel Air Tech Evo Ice Axe


Excellent all round ice axe, well balanced, good grip – a classic, technical ice axe, the shaft and pick rated to 400kg, made from chromolly steel.

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The shaft has a gentle curve just below the head gives greater clearance and makes anchoring easier on any sort of terrain, whilst the lower straight part of the shaft will penetrate into snow with little effort.

The Grivel Air Tech Evo ice axe head is hot forged from a single piece of steel.

Weight: 430g

  • With long leash
  • T-rated axe – shaft and pick rated to 400kg
  • Material: Chromolly steel
  • Blade Type: Classical positive
  • Horizontal Resistance: 400 T
  • Rubber Shaft Sheathing: Friction straps
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152

Grivel was founded in 1818 and is the oldest ice axe manufacturer in the world today.

The most advanced axe technology, all in under 500 grams!

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