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Ortovox Probe 240 Carbon Superlight


Weighing just 185g, the 240 Carbon Superlight is a very light probe.  This 240cm-long probe can be quickly and easily assembled by means of its quick-lock assembly system. 

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This probe is ready for use in just seconds, and can be folded up just as quickly. The tension can be easily and quickly set by turning the optimised adjusting screw.

The large probe tip, which has a significantly larger diameter compared to the probe elements, ensures improved penetration.

The probe segments are optimised so that they now have a more compact pack size. The 240 Carbon Superlight will easily fit into your tour backpack.

As with all our probes, the 240 Carbon Superlight features a visual guide system with depth markers and a clear 1-meter marker.

There is an intuitive visual guide system provides you with quick and clear information about the victims depth at all times.

You can perfectly adapt your shovelling strategy and save important time thanks to the clear 1m marker, contrasting depth scale and colourful end segments.

The bottommost segment in neon orange indicates when you are approaching the victim.

  • Depth markers
  • Adjusting screw for optimum assembly
  • Visual guide system
  • Large probe tip
  • Aramid tensioning system
  • Quick-lock assembly system
  • Shorter segments for more compact pack size

Weight: 185g
Material: Carbon

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